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Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE) PDF Download

Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE) PDF Download

Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE)

Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE) is really an essential book for MRCS aspirants.A meticulous yet concise clinical examination forms the cornerstone of surgical practice. With the introduction of the new MRCS OSCE style
examination, clinical skills are now tested alongside core knowledge and fundamental surgical principles, and its application in everyday practice.

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Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE)

Whereas previous MRCS candidates had valuable study time between
passing the viva and sitting the clinical exam, candidates appearing from
the OSCE style must simultaneously balance knowledge-based study
with their clinical examination skills.

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This book provides a focused approach to the individual clinical stations and highlights essential aspects that the candidate should cover in each station to accrue sufficient marks to pass the clinical
examination skills component of the OSCE. In addition, the types of clinical
scenarios and some of the commonly asked questions in the various
stations are also highlighted.

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Contents of Focused Clinical Examination for MRCS Finals (OSCE)

Chapter 1: Abdomen 1-22
Chapter 2: Back 23-31
Chapter 3: Breast 32-38
Chapter 4: Hand 39-51
Chapter 5: Hip 52-59
Chapter 6: Knee 60-68
Chapter 7: Neck 69-72
Chapter 8: Parotid 73-79
Chapter 9: Peripheral Vascular System 1 – Lower Limb 80-89
Chapter 10: Peripheral Vascular System 2 – Upper Limb 90-95
Chapter 11: Shoulder 96-102
Chapter 12: Superficial Lesions 103-106
Chapter 13: Thyroid 107-110
Chapter 14: Varicose Veins 111-120.


About the Author

Ms Jennifer Kean, BMSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCSEd
Duke of Kent Plastic Surgery Research Fellow Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire

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