Marino’s The ICU Book Fourth Edition pdf download Free


Marino’s The ICU Book Fourth Edition pdf download Free

Marino's The ICU Book Fourth Edition pdf download Free

Marino’s The ICU book Third Edition is really a Good one for your ICU rotation if you are in Internal medicine Department.and when it’s come to emergency Medicine or Medical internship still this is the ever changing Book which has concise revision points to cover almost all the case scenarios in ICU.

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Marino’s The ICU Book Fourth Edition

Key Notes

The fourth edition of The ICU Book marks its 23rd year as a fundamental sourcebook for the care of critically ill patients. This edition continues the
original intent to provide a “generic textbook” that presents fundamental concepts and patient care practices that can be used in any adult intensive care unit, regardless of the specialty focus of the unit.

Highly specialized topics, such as obstetrical emergencies, burn care, and traumatic injuries, are left to more qualified specialty textbooks.

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Vascular Access
1 Vascular Catheters 3
2 Central Venous Access 17
3 The Indwelling Vascular Catheter 41

Preventive Practices in the ICU
4 Occupational Exposures 65
5 Alimentary Prophylaxis 77
6 Venous Thromboembolism 97

Hemodynamic Monitoring
7 Arterial Pressure Monitoring 123
8 The Pulmonary Artery Catheter 135
9 Cardiovascular Performance 151
10 Systemic Oxygenation 171

Disorders of Circulatory Flow
11 Hemorrhage and Hypovolemia 195
12 Colloid & Crystalloid Resuscitation 217
13 Acute Heart Failure in the ICU 239
14 Inflammatory Shock Syndromes.

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About the Author

The ICU Book Fourth Edition, authored by Paul L Marino, is a useful book for medical students.