Oxford Handbook of General Practice Fourth Edition PDF Download


Oxford Handbook of General Practice Fourth Edition PDF Download

Oxford Handbook of General Practice Fourth Edition

Oxford Handbook of General Practice Fourth Edition is great guide for medical students and doctors too.in this General Practice is very consice with Great knowledge and understanding concepts made easy.The pace of change in general practice seems to be accelerating, and there  has been a lot of change for the fourth edition of the Oxford Handbook
of General Practice. For this new edition, we welcome Dr Matt Burkes as
Guest Editor. He has recently finished GP training and has been responsible for the chapters on mental health and skin problems.

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Oxford Handbook of General Practice Fourth Edition

‘Generalism describes a philosophy of practice which is person, not disease,
centred; continuous, not episodic; integrates biotechnical and biographical perspectives; and views health as a resource for living and not an end in itself.’In the early 19th century, when apothecaries, physicians, and surgeons provided medical care, the term ‘general practitioner’ became applied to apothecaries taking the Membership Examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

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1 What is general practice?
2 Contracts 17
3 Practice management 33
4 Education, monitoring, and research 59
5 Consulting and certification 87
6 Medicines and prescribing 135
7 Minor surgery 157
8 Healthy living 169
9 Chronic disease and elderly care 197
10 Cardiology and vascular disease 231
11 Respiratory medicine 293
12 Endocrinology 341
13 Gastrointestinal medicine 373
14 Renal medicine and urology 435
15 Musculoskeletal problems 471
16 Neurology 533
17 Dermatology 587
18 Infectious disease 643
19 Haematology and immunology 659
20 Breast disease 687
21 Gynaecology 701

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About the Author

Dr Helen Dignum (Consultant Haematologist, Portsmouth
Hospitals Trust) for her help providing expert review of Chapter 19
(Haematology and immunology) and answering the tricky questions
that came up when that chapter was sent for anonymous peer review.