ECG in 10 Days PDF Download


ECG in 10 Days PDF Download

ECG  in 10 Days PDF Download

ECG in 10 Days is a best Guide book for medicine residents in diagnosing rare cases as well as Medical Students to learn the basic stuffs regarding to ECG that they need to learn for their best Practice..we hope this book might be very helpful to you. kindly support us by Sharing our website with your friends and family members..

ECG in 10 Days

This book originally arose from our commitment to teach senior medical
students how to interpret electro cardiograms in two weeks, or ten working days. The School of Medicine, in its wisdom, had chosen that interval
for us, and we were forced to adapt to its mandate. We had 10 to 15 students in our class every four weeks for the entire academic year. We quickly realized that we needed to establish specific topics for each day so that, regardless of which faculty members were available, there was a consistent method used. We also decided on a set of sample ECGs to use
each day.

About the Author

David R. Ferry, MD, FACC
Chief, Cardiology Section
Loma Linda VA Healthcare System
Associate Professor of Medicine
Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Loma Linda, California.