Medical Mnemonics with Images 📝📚📠

Medical Mnemonics with Images 📝📚📠


Hi Welcome to medcravers here in our site you can Read , download medixam eBooks . Now we have added Mnemonics for you to make your Exam Review more powerful and Enjoyable.

Here is an Example for the Mnemonics

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Medical Mnemonics

@ Alzheimer’s disease (AD): associations, findings AD:


🔴Aluminum toxicity

🔴Acetylcholine deficiencies

🔴Amyloid B

🔴Apolipoprotein gene E

🔴Altered nucleus basalis of Meynert



🔵Actin inclusions (Hirano bodies) 🔵Atrophy of brain

🔵Amyloid plaques

🔵Aphasia, Apraxia, Agitation

🔵DNA-coiled tangles

🔵Dementia, Disoriented, Depressed

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