FMGE Exam 2019 December How to Crack it in the First Attempt ?? Real Experience from a Average Student Hello Doctors and my colleagues you are Heartly welcome to my Blog .in this Post we are Going to discuss about FMGE Exams and the ways to Crack them easily.lets start…. Being a doctor is not an easy Job in our Country due to weightage of this and course and the Quality of Health the Government made Screening Exam Called FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATE EXAMINATION..As a Foreign Medical Graduate we haveΒ  Spent more than 6 years (Including 1 year Internship in some Countries) ..in these days students are Started Preparing for FMGE from Third Year medical School .But some are cracking it within 6 months. So it’s not about Time period it’s all about how we studied. Let me share about my Experience Initially at the beginning I also thought Cracking FMGE…